Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January #IWantThat

What?!  A new post?  Yes, it's been two years.  I moved, and job, and life.  But I've been asked to revive this so new year new blogging.  I'm going to try to do this once a week or so.  We'll do unboxings, reviews, favorites, hauls.  If you have other ideas you'd like to see leave a comment here or hit me up on social media.  

Anyway, let's hop right into this post.  I'll try do these once a month of things I'm looking to buy.  They may or may not be new.  It will just be products I have my eye on.  

The first product is a new discovery, although, not a new product. 
This is the Dose of Colors Eyedeal Duo.  These are a pairing of loose pigment and primer.  So you're getting two products in each compact.  The top is a colored, creme, base and the bottom is a sparkly, metallic, pigment.  You can use them together or separate.  Like all pigments you can use this one wet to intensify the color.  It comes in 12 colors and the one I am lusting after is called Stellar (shown in the picture).  They are $25 a piece so they aren't cheap and you can only buy two at a time.

This summer I bought a liquid lipstick kind of on a whim from a company called Ofra Cosmetics.  I saw it as an ad on Facebook and it was this beautiful, metallic, fuchsia color and it was only $20 so I was like, 'Why not give it a try?'.  
These have an amazing formula.  Their everyday collection has a matte finish but doesn't dry.  So it is transferable.  This will come off if you eat or drink.  But even so it has great staying power.  I've worn this out and had it last all night even thru drinking.  It doesn't bleed or feather.  It's wonderful.  If you have this why is it a #IWantThat?  Because I want more!  They have an incredible 52 colors in their permanent collection.
This is the color Laguna Beach.  It's much more day time then the color I own (called Santorini which, although, limited edition you can still buy as part of a collection).  

Another lip product I am after is a Vice lipstick in the color Jilted.
It's a cream finish described as: deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift. In real life it's a blue tone, bright pink. When I was looking for it online I kept trying to pick the color Anarchy. I got a little sample of this in the summer when these launched. It's almost out. I really just need to buy this. These are $17 and you can get them at Sephora, Ulta, and the Urban Decay website.

Urban Decay puts out products and I just throw money at them. I have more than a half dozen pallets by them.
I give you the Full Spectrum pallet.  I have nothing more to say.  I need this in my life and Sephora has it on sale for $39 down from the original $55.  I'm going there on Friday, this is coming home with me.  If you want swatches let me know.  

The last product I'm looking to try is a foundation.  I'm always looking for that holy grail foundation that has amazing coverage, lasts all night, and won't break up between my eyes.  I saw this one on a YouTube video.  

It looked like it was a very long wearing, full coverage formula.  It's between $16-20 depending on where you look.  Downside is as far as I can tell they don't sell this in store.  Also the color I most likely am is often sold out.  You can buy this on Amazon which is probably the safest bet.

So those are my January #IWantThat.  It's a new year, what are your new year/new you wants?


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