Friday, April 4, 2014

Lush Easter Collection

It's spring time and you know what that means.  That's right, another Lush collection!  Of course D. took me to buy it.  For Easter there are three bubble bars, two bath bombs, a soap, and one new product that is a combo of a bath melt and a bath bomb.  I got all of them except Fluffy Egg.  Let's open the bag and see all the great things.  

Brightside is the first bubble bar.  
Brightside is an amazing citrusy bar.  It has Sicilian mandarin, tangerine, and bergamot.  Plus it turns your water bright orange.  This is 7oz and costs $10.95   

The next bubble bar I grabbed is Bunch of Carrots.
I love the scent of these.  It's just a little citrusy and a bit fruity and so fresh.  It's got lemon, buchu oil, and bergamot.  Each carrot provides a couple baths so you get a lot of use out of these.  Simple take one and run it under water until you have a tub full of bubbles then save the rest for later.  You get three carrots at 5.2oz for $12.95

The third bubble bar is called Bunny.
Bunny has the same scent as Creamy Candy bubble bar so lots of vanilla absolute in this little guy.  Also lots of coconut oil and shea butter to soften your skin.  This bar has a center of blue cornflowers to make your bath extra pretty.  Bunny is 2.8oz and $6.95

The Easter soap is Carrot.  
This is super cute!  The whole piece looks like a giant carrot and when they cut it up it has a bunny in the middle.  It has the same scent as the carrot bubble bar.  You can get a 3.5oz piece for $6.95

The bath bomb I bought was the Immaculate Eggception.  
I bought the yellow but it also comes in pink.  This is one of Lush's huge bombs that cracks open to reveal another bomb in the middle, in this case a little one that looks like a chick.  It also has a distinctly Lush scent, citrusy, floral and sweet at the same time.  This egg is 8.6oz and is $12.95

The last thing I bought is the Golden Egg.
The Golden Egg is a new product.  It's a combo bath melt and bath bomb in one.  The outside is covered in cocoa butter and the middle is a fizzy bomb.  Of course it is super glittery!  The scent is the Honey I Washed the Kids.  It's a fabulously sweet toffee scent.  It's 3.8oz and is $8.95

There it is!  I love the spring collection a lot.  There's so much freshness and citrus.  If any of you have tried pieces from this let me know what your favorites are.