Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review: Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge

So I gave into the hype and ordered a SiliSponge from Molly Cosmetics.  
These retail for $9.90 on sale, when you can get them.  I feel like they are always sold out right now.  It also comes from Hong Kong so it took like a month to get here.  I don't remember shipping being that much, I also don't remember exactly what it was, maybe $5.  

I watched a bunch of review videos before I bought this and they ranged from thinking this was the bomb to thinking it was crap.  I found it to be a little difficult to work with.  There is definitely a learning curve.  

Here's me with just my primer on, I used Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing primer.  The foundation I'm going to be using is the Urban Decay All Nighter, I wear color 1.5.  I'm going to be doing half my face with the silisponge and half with my beautyblender.  

Here's half my face done.  You can see it's a little heavy in place and it didn't blend in the corner of my eye very well.  I contribute most of this to user error. I think I used too much product.  You definitely use way less product with this. I ended up just taking my fingers and kind of wiping the extra off then going over it again with the silisponge and patting it out.  I did exactly as it instructs on the Molly Cosmetics site.  I put the foundation on my face, spread it around til everything was covered, then patted it out.  

This is all that was left on the silisponge when I was done.  It was kind of just a thin residue.  I put a little hand soap on it and it washed right off.  

Here's me with my full face of foundation.  In photo you can't really tell.  In person, I could pick out some subtle differences.  

It is super hard to tell here but I used cream blush (I don't have cream contour currently) and used the silisponge to blend one side and the beautyblender to do the other.  I really like how it blended out the blush a lot.  You used a very, very little bit.  

Over all I really liked the silisponge.  It saves so much product.  It is something you have to learn to work with.  I didn't see that it was patchy or streaky the way some people found it.  It's probably something I will reach for again.  

Anyone else have one of these coming?  

And for those of you who are curious, here's the final look.



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