Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Box

One of the companies I discovered from watching YouTube is the Fortune Cookie Soap Company.  Fortune Cookie is a small bath and body company that hand makes its own products.  It's only about 6 years old so it really is still very indie.  They are a cruelty-free company.   

One of the things they do is a quarterly subscription box.  Every three months they put out a sample box full of their newest, seasonal, products.  The box is $19.99.  I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on one of these for spring.  

Like other boxes it comes with a card to tell you what you will find in your box.  Your box also comes with a coupon code for $10 off your next Fortune Cookie order.  Their prices are pretty reasonable.  For example you can get about three of their signature fortune cookie soaps for that price.  

The theme of the box was Garden of Good and Evil.  You get some samples from the good side and some from the evil side of the collection.  

First off, The Good:

The first thing I got was a sample bottle of their body wash in Native Nectar.  
Native Nectar smells like fresh coconut.  Just that pure and simple.  I like that it does smell like coconut but it does not smell overly sweet or fake smelling.  I didn't see where you could buy this on the site but their body washes run $10.99 for 6.8oz.

The next thing I got was their OCD hand sanitizer in the scent Afternoon Delight. 
This is a pink watermelon, apricot, and white floral scented sanitizer.  The initial smell is a floral watermelon smell.  It does have an alcohol back scent in the bottle.  On your hands the apricot really comes out and the alcohol goes away.  It smells really fruity without being overpowering. The full sized version is $2.89 with part of the proceeds going to support the International OCD Foundation.  

The last good was a cuticle butter. 
The butter came in the scent Marshmallow Dreams.  This is described as having lavender, sage, and basil with a splash of vodka and a swirl of marshmallow.  I really get the marshmallow, it's a nice toasty scent.  It does seem to have an herbal note.  Maybe it's the sage I get. It's very oily and and nice on your cuticles.  Full sized is .5oz and is $8.95.

The Evil:  

On the evil side I got their whipped cream body lotion. 
This scent is Make it Rain and I am crazy about it.  It's a citrus, jasmine, and cedarwood.  I love jasmine!  The lotion is incredibly creamy and hydrating.  Leaves your skin soft and smelling amazing.  Full sized is $10.99.   

This is the Bloom Bloom Room bath fizzy.  This is a combination of jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley, citrus, peach, and spun sugar.  You can really smell the peach and lily.  It's very sweet.  I noticed it's a bit crumbly so this is probably a one time use bomb (I cut most of mine in half).  Again I didn't see where to buy this on the site but similar bombs are 4oz and $4.50.  

Up next the Steam me up Scotty shower steamer in Me so Thorny.  
The idea behind this is to give your shower an aromatherapy element.  You unwrap the tab and set it on the floor of your shower, out of the direct stream, and let it slowly fizz away and fill your bathroom up with fabulous smelling steam.  This is suppose to have citrus, lavender, vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood.  I think the patchouli and sandalwood really take over.  You can maybe get a bit of lavender.  I do like how it smells.  You get three of these tabs when you buy them for $5.99.  

There is also a sample of perfume oil in the scent Venus Fly Trap. Bergamot, narcaisse and musk with notes of water orchid, lemon and pink jasmine.  The water orchid and the jasmine smell so good together.  The only thing I didn't like is the packaging.  These little bottles make me nuts.  I always end up spilling it all over me.  This one actually broke.  Full sized is $5.99.  

 Last thing is, of course, a piece of their signature fortune cookie soap.   

Yes, it has a real fortune in it.  This is Forbidden Fruit.  It's scented with verbena and blueberry.  It smells so leamony and fresh.  This is a full sized product.  The soaps run $3.69.

So that was the Spring box.  I really enjoyed it and found some great new products.  Can't wait for the next box. 





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