Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wantable March Unboxing

So it's time for another Wantable accessories unboxing!  If you don't know Wantable is a monthly subscription box. If you're interested in learning more head over to my January post and you can read more. 

Let's dive right in.

They changed the look a little for March.  I was waiting for this and was surprised to get a little white box that fit in my tiny mailbox instead of the larger black one.  I guess being accessories it makes sense to use a smaller box.  It was just a surprise. 

This was the first thing in my box. At first I couldn't figure it out. But it's scarf. It's a really pretty muted sage green color.  Sadly, I look very bad in pale green so I will most likely be giving this away.

These are hair ties.  They are pretty fashionable right now. What makes them nice is they don't leave a line in your hair.  What I don't like is these are not made for people with very thick hair, at least not this set.  I have a lot of hair and I could just barely get one around my hair in a pony. 

Finally something nice!  I've gota nice pair of earrings in every box.  These look like they'd be heavy but they aren't.  I'm really impressed by Wantable's ability to get me exactly the length and size of things I like.  I'm not a girl who wears large earrings and every pair has had just the right of dangle for me.  This set is really shimmery too. 

The last piece I got was this necklace.  I really love things with that old school classic look to them.  This also was just the right length.  This made the box for me.

That's everything!   Wantable allows you to return boxes and to be honest I almost did with this.  It just didn't wow me.  In the end I really liked the necklace so I decided to keep it.  My other boxes have been wonderful so I hope this is just an off box. If not I may be trying another one of their boxes instead. 

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