Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sugar Works Bath and Body Review

Wow Syn, you've done a lot of bath product reviews lately.  I know.  It's winter and I bath a lot.  Plus, I've found a lot of really amazing bath and body companies.  Like Sugar Works.  Sugar Works is a small company with hand made, cruelty free, products.  The owner used to be a forensic scientist when she decided she wanted a job that brought joy to herself and others.  She started out with their double whipped sugar scrub.  Now they make scrubs and several kinds of lotions and body oils, even body spray.  And the scents!!  There are probably a hundred different scents you can ask for your products to be scented with.  Floral, fruity, sweet, musk, a scent for everyone.

I decided to get a tub of the original double whipped sugar scrub and on of their whipped argan oil body cream.

The scrub is made of three different kinds of sugar and is blended with argan oil.  What that gives it is a scrub that's exfoliating but not too coarse.  It has a really nice consistency.  It reminds me of when you cream butter and sugar together for baking.  When you scrub it on
your body it actually lathers up a bit.  Being whipped with the argan oil makes it so it is full incorporated.  No mixing up oil.  This also helps this scrub to be clean rinsing.  Your skin feels soft and hydrated but not greasy.  The scent I got was A Magical Way with Roses.  It's a very sweet, rosy scent.  It reminds me of Lush's Rose Jam.  A 5-6oz size is $8.95.  These tubs come very full so I feel like it's well worth the money.  

There isn't much to say about the argan body cream other then it's amazing.  It's so light and silky yet hydrates amazingly.  I picked out the scent Egyptian Rose.  It makes me think of a face cream my great grandmother used.  It has that underlying cold cream smell.  It reminds me of happy things.  The 4-5oz container is $13.95.  It's a little spendy but it is really great.  

Over all I had a great experience with the company.  The products were great quality and shipping was fast.  I'm looking forward to trying some of their other products.  

Have a small business you'd like to have reviewed?  Let me know!  


  1. The business in Savannah closed a few years ago. Their Website has also been down for quite a while. I used to try emailing Alexa for product and unfortunately she completely flaked out. Even with repeated emails, Alexa was unwilling to simply provide a price with shipping for several entire loafs of soap.

    It's a a real shame. She has a lot of talent but can't possibly seem to get out of her own way to get someone to handle the business side of the house. This could have been a really successful business if she would stick to making product and let someone else handle all the sales and marketing.

    Fortunately, at this point, there are LOTS of people on ETSY producing really good comparable products and we'll be using them from now on.

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