Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tarte Colored Clay Collection

Recently I saw a review from Grav3yardgirl, Bunny (if you aren't watching her you should be), on YouTube for the Tarte Colored Clay Collection.  This collection is only available from QVC so while Bunny tempted me I was skeptical about ordering from them.  The ordering process was actually really easy and shipping was fairly fast.  I liked it well enough I just ordered a Clarisonic Mia 2 from there.  The runs $65.96

So this kit comes with a cc primer stick, a liquid foundation, a brush to apply it, a gloss, an eyeliner, a mascara, and a bronzing blush. Plus a cute little bag to carry it all in.  Really all you need to do is add an eyeshadow quad and you're ready to go.  It comes it 5 colors. I'm super pale so I got the light. 

The first product to go on is the cc primer stick.  CC stands for color corrector and that's what this is designed to do.  It's got little wedges of green and pink to offset red and blues in your skin tone. This is mixed in with a skin tone to help prime your face for foundation.  I was a little nervous because its a stick but it went on really smooth and not thick.  It did take away some of the redness I get around my nose and cheeks.  It also dries to a very silky finish so I didn't feel like I was just caking makeup on. 

Next on, foundation.  This foundation is really interesting.   It comes in this little jar and in the middle is a mesh that you push down on to release product. 
They give you this quarter sized, flat topped brush to apply it with.  In combination this works really well.  The mesh keeps you from getting too much on the brush and the shape of the brush makes it easy to buff it in.  I do wish the brush head was a bit larger.  The formula of this foundation is definitely full coverage.  Having clay in it means you can feel it in your face but it does well at keeping the shine down. I didn't feel like I needed powder as the finish was very matte.  

This is what they call a bronzer blush. It is a little bit bronze but I think it's far too pink to really use it as one. You could sweep it over the high points on your face to bring some warmth. I used it as a plain old blush.  It's not super pigmented so it's very buildable.

This is a very nicely formulated eyeliner.  Goes on smooth and easy to smudge out.  My only complaint is that it's not really very black.  I feel more like it's a dark charcoal. 

I really found this mascara to be nothing special. It does darken and stay put but it's pretty unremarkable. This was the thing I liked least.

I really liked this gloss.  It looks very sparkly in the tube but on your lips it just adds a nice shimmer.  The color is really vibrante with good pigment.  Its only drawback is that it is a little sticky.  That doesn't bother me any but I know some people are put off by that.  

I wore the whole look out today to see how it would wear.  It did keep the shine down.  I noticed a little creasing on my forehead.  Everthing else seemed to stay put just right.  I'll probably take it for another few drives to see how it goes.  

So there's my Tarte collection.  What's your favorite Tarte product, or maybe something youd like to try.

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