Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birch Box (so old October)

One of the fun things I do is subscribe to Birch Box.  What's a Birch Box?  Birch Box is a monthly beauty subscription, like a magazine.  It's ten dollars a month and you get a little box full of beauty samples.  Your first month, and you can update when ever you'd like, you take a short about me beauty survey and that's how they pick what goes in your box.  It's a great way to try out new products.  I've been doing this for about a year now and have found some fun things I didn't know I couldn't live without.  My first box was a bit of a let down but I changed up my survey and I have been happy ever since!  If your curious they also make a men's box.  I actually talked D. into doing it and he's really enjoyed the great shaving things he gets and the little life style extras.  

I thought I'd review my box and it's products on here for you.  So let's get started.  This was my October box (yes October. I've had this written so I'm posting!): 

So you can see in the box is a card that talks about the months them and on the back it gives you the list of all your samples.  My first sample was Alison Raffaele Reality Base Foundation.  It's an oil free, light coverage foundation that improves skin with an antioxident cocktail.  Full sized 33mml is $38.

When they say light weight they mean super light weight.  This stuff came out like water and when I was done putting it on I could barely tell I had done a thing.  It did feel nice and light and non-greasy on my skin.  If you like coverage skip this product.  

My next sample was Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanquine Cologne Absolute.  It's a versatile and distinctive blend of citrus that lasts and lasts.  A full sized 100ml is $60.
This smelled very orange and did, in fact, last and last.  This is probably one of the longest lasting scents I've tried.  It's super strong at first then mellows out to a nice crisp scent.  This would be a great spring smell.  

The third thing in my box was DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum. This is a face serum that minimzes pores and softens fine lines with advanced amino peptides.  A full size 1.7oz is $85.  
At first I wasn't sure I would like this.  To me a lot of serums are kind of oily on my skin.  This one wasn't at all.  It's got a slight almost watermelon scent and absorbs quickly.  After using it for about a week now I have noticed my pores are less noticeable.  They weren't too noticeable to start with so this worked well for me.  The price tag makes me cringe but I may be buying this.  

The last thing in my box was POP Beauty Aqua Laqure.  This is from a British company and is a sheer gloss that pumps and hydrates with jojoba oil.  Mine came in the color Flowering Fuchsia.  It was a full size sample, .34 oz, and is priced at $14.  
I love lip gloss.  I own tons and tons of the stuff because I usually like to do a dramatic eye so I keep my lips very sheer.  I was really happy with this.  It is just a slight bit of color and not at all sticky.  It does have a little of a cherry scent to it and I'm not fond of that but I would certainly buy other colors from them.  They have a really pretty pink called Floating Rose that has a touch of gold shimmer that I'm interested in.  

Often Birch Box throws in little extra things and this month mine was a tube of Chap Stick Hydration Lock.  I've got a few tubes already and to me this is nothing special. 
It does go one very easy and feels silky on your lips for a long time.  The draw back for me is the awful, sticky, sweet vanilla smell.  I'd much rather just get original.  

So that does it for my box!  Do you do beauty boxes?  What's your favorite?  

On a side note I have a couple other posts planned that I'm going to try to pump out.  I've had the stomach flu so I've been bed ridden but look for those to come soon.

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