Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wantable January Unboxing

This month I tried a new subscription box called Wantable.  I heard about it via YouTube beauty guru Coffee Break with Dani (check her out she's adorable!).  Wantable is really unique in that they give you a choice between three different boxes.  You can do makeup, accessories, or intimates.  Boxes are $36 for a subscription or $40 for a one time box.  You can cancel or skip anytime you like.  That's right, if you find yourself tight on money one month you can elect to skip a month.  Best of all if you get a box and you are less than thrilled you can send it back for a refund, no questions asked!  So after you pick what kind of box you're going with you take a quiz so that your box will be customized just for you.  For each question you pick between love, like, or dislike.  If you say dislike you will never receive anything like that in your box.  I was really surprised at how thorough the style quizzes are.  It's not a simple do you like lipstick.  It's okay you like lipstick now what shades and finishes do you like.  For the intimates you put in your sizes, including weight, height, and bra size, so they know how to fit you.  You can retake this quiz anytime.   

For my first box I got an accessory box.  Accessories are something I like but just don't find myself using money on.  It's actually a New Year's resolution of mine to accessorize more.  Some of the questions I was asked where: What kind of accessories do I like?  What sort of materials do I like?  Gold or Silver?  How big do I like my accessories.  For me I love big, funky, necklaces but I hate huge earrings.  I felt like it was really easy to communicate my style.  

Wantable is not a box in a box.  When you cut open the big box you're right in side.  Everything is packaged, wrapped in tissue, and sandwiched in foam.  On top is a print out detailing your quiz and telling you about each piece, including price.  

The first thing in my box was a pair of earrings.
These are about an inch and a half long.  Dangling but not outrageous.  I also told them I was a silver girl so the tone is right on.  These are a little heavy but on a whole I like them.  

Next  was a necklace.  
Another silver piece.  This is a longer length, hangs just right with a lower cut top or v-neck.  I really like the addition of the turquoise beads.  Just the right pop of color.  

My last item was a scarf.  
This is the one piece I'm not terribly crazy about.  I do like scarfs but I am not a fan of leopard print.  This is, thankfully, not really in your face printed so I am going to try and work it into an outfit.  It's nice and long and other then the print I think it's fab.  

So there is my first Wantable.  What do you think?  Worth the money or a waste?  Let me know if you're interested in the other boxes and I will order one and do a review! 



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