Friday, January 24, 2014

BirchBox January Unboxing

I've been a BirchBox subscriber for over a year now.  I don't think I've ever been wowed by this box.  I've been disappointed by never wowed.  This box will most likely be my last.  I feel like they are going down hill and there are definitely other boxes out there that I could be enjoying.  

Let's dive into what made this a lackluster box.  
As you can see, this box looks pretty light.  The January theme was "Go Time".  It was suppose to be all about trying new things for the new year.  This theme was only vaguely reflected here.  Sure I hadn't tried any of these things but I just wasn't excited to do so by this box.  
My first products where a set of shampoo and conditioner Gilchrist and Soames.  These are from the London collection.  The shampoo has antioxidants and botanicals like red tea and grape seed.  It smells really light and floral and does a pretty decent job of cleaning hair.  It doesn't lather up much but it did rinse color out of my hair so if you have color treated locks I'd skip this.  The conditioner is suppose to be a light formula that strengthens and restores hair.  It smells nice like the shampoo but it is not a light formula.  This stuff is really thick.  That was okay by me due to the fact that my hair is a bit dry right now.  It made my hair feel nice and soft but my day two hair felt a little waxy.  The full sized product is 8oz and they are $16 a piece.

This is also where I had a box issue.  The cap on the conditioner was broken.  
Thanks to the large shape of the bottle my box wasn't swimming in conditioner.  The product didn't seem to be affected at all.  No leaking or drying out, so I was lucky.  

My next product was from 100% Pure.  
This is a fruit pigmented mascara.  I was really interested to see how this would work.  I'm really into natural products and it smells really good.  There's not even a hint of chemical smell, just a nice fruity scent.  They claim that this was going to thicken and lengthen. They were so wrong.  This mascara did turn my lashes black but that was about it.  It was a fairly dry formula and I probably put four coats on but it did nothing to thicken or lengthen.  I will say that it also didn't clump or smudge so it has that going for it. Full sized product is .24oz and is $18. 

My last official sample was from derma e.  
Yay!  Little foil packs!  I can't stand little foil packs.  They are messy and just a pain.  These are filled with Vitamin E Intensive Body Balm.  This was my least favorite sample.  The formula is some how both sticky and greasy and the same time and it smells like old sock.  It did somewhat soften my really dry feet but I could find something more pleasant than this to do the same thing.  Full size is 6.7oz and $15.  

This month BirchBox threw in a little extra they called a BirchBox Find Alert.  This product was the best part of the whole box.
It's a bitty, little pot of Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion.  To be honest I thought this was hand lotion.  Turns out it's an anti-ageing face moisturizer for dry skin.  I have combo skin but it smelled so good I wanted to give it a try.  For being for dry skin it was really light.  The formula absorbed right into my skin and didn't leave me feeling greasy or looking oily.  The Clary Sage is just divine smelling.  The full sized product is 1.8oz and is $18.

So there's the end of my BirchBox for January.  What a let down.  I'm going to be canceling my subscription.  I've decided to try out a couple different monthly beauty boxes instead so be sure to look forward to some new unboxings.  

Do you subscribe to a beauty box?  Which ones and what keeps you going back.



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