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Lush Christmas Haul

To no ones surprise I am a lushie.  I love their products, I love what the company stands for.  For those of you who may not know Lush is a cosmetic company that prides itself on fresh, handmade products.  They make a range of things from facial cleanser, to solid shampoos, to soap.  They are probably most famus for their bath bombs and bath melts.  Although it came together in the 70's the Lush as we know it today started in 1995 in Poole, England.  They now have many brick and mortar stores in the US and Canada as well as the UK.  You can also order from their online websites.

So Lush makes some pretty amazing gift boxes and this year for Christmas D. got me the Wow box.  This is a HUGE box full of all of Lush's limited edition Christmas items. 32 amazing Lush items in all.

Inside is a fabulous mix of Lush products.  They've got soaps and shower gels, lotions, and loads of those amazing bath bombs.  Let's explore!!
They give you three 3.3oz bottles of their winter shower gels.  Snow Fairy is a sweetly scented bubble gum pink gel with a pretty silver iridescence.  It's suppose to smell like fairy floss.  To me it smells exactly how the color suggests, like bubble gum with a hint of vanilla and something slightly floral.  The next is Rose Jam.  Rose Jam smells exactly like Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner which I am a big fan of.  It's loaded with rose absolute, vanilla, and a hint of lemon.  It reminds me of wild rose honey.  The third is Ponche.  Ponche is inspired by a traditional Mexican Christmas punch.  It's so bright and citrusy.  It smells like orange margarita, complete with tequila (which is, in fact, one of this gels ingredients).  
Next you get six 3.5oz bars of soap.  The first is called Noriko.  Noriko has got rice, sake, and tofu in it for soft skin.  This beautiful soap is named after it's inventor Noriko, a Japanese lady who worked for Lush.  It smells soft and lightly floral.  Very clean smelling.  The next is Angels Delight.  This soap has tiny silver stars in it and smells like a citrus grove!  Third is Mr Punch.  Mr Punch is another take on boozy holiday punches, this time with Gin.  They combine that with juniper and black current to give it a fruity scent that's got an herbal under note.  Up next, Snow Globe.  Snow Globe is another citrus scented soap.  It's much more lemon infused than the others.  Kind of makes me crave lemon candy.  That pretty gold one is called Snowcake.  Snowcake comes out every year and smells like almond.  Think of fresh sugar cookies iced with almond icing.  The last soap is Orange Jelly.  Smells like a glass of fresh squeezed juice.  It even has little slices of orange in it. 

Fun is a multiple use, moldable, soap made by Lush.  Think of play dough that you can use as soap, bubble bath, and shampoo.  For this they give you a 3.5oz piece in a shiny gold color.
Gold fun smells like the lush fragrance Honey I Washed the Kids.  While it does have a bit of a honey smell, I think you get more of a buttery caramel scent from it. 

For your body after a shower they send you two lotions.
The top one is called Sikkim Girls.  You can buy this year round as a perfume.  As a lotion it's a super thick and very creamy cocoa butter filled with jasmine and vanilla.  They also use Darjeeling tea in this.  It gives it a spicy, smokey, incense type of a smell.  Celebrate is your other choice.  This time they've added almond oil, orange, lime, and cognac to their fair trade cocoa butter.  It smells like a mimosa to me.  You really get the hint of cognac.  

You get two lip products in your box.

Santa Baby is a .2oz, limited edition,cola scented,  lip tint.  It's a really pretty pinky red color.  Because it's so red it does stain your lips a bit.  The other product is a sugar lip scrub.  It's suppose to smell and taste like cola too but I think it smells like cherry and tastes of cherry cola, like the kind made with cherry syrup.  It also has cute little red hearts and is .8oz in size.

You get two body butter type products.  The first is an exfoliating one that looks like Santa and smells like orange blossoms.  It's called Sandy Santa
The second is a massage bar that is bright pink and filled with silver glitter.  It's the Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar and smells like the Snow Fairy soap.
Santa is 4.5oz and Fairy is 1.4oz sized.  

Now on to the bath!  You get two 2.1oz bath melts,  four 3.5oz bubble bars, three 3.1oz bath bombs, six 7.0oz bath bombs, and one 9.5 bath bomb.  That's a lot of luxurious baths!

The Melting Snowman a spicy, almondy smell with a touch of chocolate.  Where as Star Light Star Bright is an orange lemon scent.  I did not take that out of the bag.  It's covered in a super shiny silver luster.  
This next set are the bubble bars.  Bubble bars are a solid bubble bath.  You just crumble them under running water for a tub full of great smelling bubbles.  The cutest by far is the Christmas Penguin.  He smells very floral and has bergamot in it.  The Magic Wand and Candy Mountain both smell like Snow Fairy.  The fourth, and my favorite, is Christmas Eve with jasmine and ylang ylang.
The three 3.1oz bombs are Bombardino, Cinders, and Snowman.  Bombardino is named after an Italian drink with lemon cello.  It's got both lemon and vanilla in it so it ends up smelling like lemon cheesecake!  Cinders is one of the Lush bombs with popping candy in it.  So when you toss it it the bath it crackles and fizzes.  Cinders has got almond, sweet orange, and cinnamon.  It comes out so sweet and spicy.  Last but not least Snowman with vanilla and ylang ylang giving it a soft floral scent.  
The all white 7.0oz bomb is called So White and is D.'s favorite.  It smells like green apple.  That jolly looking one is Father Christmas.  It's suppose to be orange scented but to me it's very floral.  Next the beautiful blue one is Shoot For the Stars in the Honey I Washed the Kids scent.  As a bath bomb it's less buttery than Gold Fun but still has caramel notes.  The fourth, in bright green, is Lord of Misrule.  Named after a pagan festival this bomb is very earthy smelling.  I think it even has some pine in it.  Last is Luxury Lush Pud.  Apparently this comes out every year and is named for the popular Christmas pudding served in the UK.  It's got lavender and tonka in it.  So sweet and very relaxing.  
We're down to the last two.  Golden Wonder Box and Secret Santa.  Golden Wonder is a 7.0oz bomb and smells like the Celebrate body lotion.  What makes this bomb special is that if you shake it you can hear something inside it.  A little Christmas surprise for your bath.  Our very last product is Secret Santa.  This bomb is modeled after the first Lush shop and smells like 29 1/2 High Street.  That's the address of the first store.  The smell is......magical.  It smells like walking into a Lush store.  If you've never been to one this scent is hard to describe.  Kind of like flowers and citrus fruit and sandalwood all in one.  This is one you'll just have to go and smell for yourself.  

So there you have it.  The Lush Christmas Wow box.  Are you a lushie?  What's your favorite thing at Lush.   


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