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Kat Von D Spellbinding Look Kit Review

Another amazing Christmas gift I got from D. was the Kat Von D Spellbinding Look Kit.  It retails at Sephora for $59.00.  I had been curious about her products for awhile.  I guess the critic in me sees a celeb marketed item and automatically thinks it's mediocre at best.  I was pleasantly surprised with this set.  The shadows have a great consistency and color payoff and the eye pencils are very creamy. You can buy each of these items separate but I thought it was a nice way to try out a variety of her products.   

The kit comes with the Poetica eyeshadow pallette (which has a mini eyeliner called Puro Amor), a full sized eyeliner in Immortal Love, a Sin-Full lash mascara in Puro Amor, and a Foiled Love lipstick in FTW.  

The Poetica palette has eight eyeshadows in it.  There are two sides, one with neutrals and one with purples.  You'll find two matte, three satin type finish, and three colors that are full of glitter.  The two matte are probably my least favorite in here just because I feel like they aren't as pigmented as the rest.  The colors that are glitter are really nice because that glitter transfers well to the eye.  Sometimes you get a color that's really sparkly in the pan and none of that gets on your eye.  With these shadows that's not the case.  The formula is really velvety and the colors blend very well.  You also get a mini sized version of the Autograph pencil in Puro Amor.  

 The first light shade is a satin like shimmer shade called forgiveness. It's got a cream colored base and gold sheen to it.  Beautiful for an inner highlight color.
Next is one of the matte shades and it's called Sand Timer.  It's a very basic beige color.  While it doesn't offer a lot of pigment I think it would work well in the crease as a blending out color.  
Up next in the neutrals side is Chandler.  I love this color.  It's a very shiny, but not glittery, copper color.  It reminds me a bit of Urban Decay's Half Baked.  This would add just the right amount of glow to an other wise plain neutral look.  
The darkest shade on that side is called Tijuana.  Tijuana is a black shadow that is just loaded full of copper glitter.  I think it would be really fun to use this on a smokey eye or to add a pop of sparkle on an outer v.  
Now the palette works backwards from darkest to lightest.  The darkest purple shade is called Wonderland.  It's a very dark, almost black purple colored shadow with tons of violet colored glitter.  It would be great applied like Tijuana or if you used a light hand even an all over lid color.
Up next a is lovely lavender shade called Shiba.  Shiba is also the third glitter shade in the palette with gold flakes.  It's not quite as glittery as the other two so I feel like it could be a bit more versatile.  
My favorite color in here is this purple one called Babe.  It's a very bright cool toned violet with just a hint of a blue shift.  It does look similar the Urban Decay Betrayal which I also love. 
The last eyeshadow color is called You Alone.  It's an off white, cream color.  I really can't see using this for anything but a highlight color.  

With a mini Autograph pencil and a full sized one you get to try two with this kit.  The mini is a nice, dark black called Puro Amor and the full is a deep brown call Immortal Love.  They both are super creamy and glide right on. 

The last eye product is a full sized tube of Sin-Full mascara in Puro Amor.  Sin-Full mascara is described as, 'A mascara that turns up your eyelash volume by curling, lengthening, and thickening each and every strand.'  I don't know about all that but it is a nice black mascara.  I would say no better or worse than an average drug store brand.  I do really like the big brush however.

The last thing in the box is a full sized, Foiled Love lipstick in FTW.  The Foiled Love line of lipsticks are really interesting in that they are a metallic, foil, finish.  Rock and roll enough to be a Kat Von D lip product but still tame enough for daytime wear.  It's very beautiful when applied. The formula makes the shade just slide on but has enough staying power not to slide off.  FTW is a pretty cranberry shade.  I also really love the packaging.  The tube is etched in flowers and has a clear, acrylic bottom so you can see the color of the product.  

Over all I would definitely say I would buy other things in the Kat Von D line.  I'm really interested in her Lock-It Tattoo foundation and concealer.  She also has several other eyeshadow palettes out, including a new one for Spring called Esperanza.  

What do you think?  Interested in trying?  Or maybe you have and have got some recommends for me to try next!  If you'd like to see other reviews on Kat Von D let me know in the comments.


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