Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lime Crime Lip Review

Over black Friday Lime Crime released their Pink Velvet lip stain.  They also had a 20% promotion so I thought it would be a good time to try some products.  I know there has been some drama surrounding the company and its founder Doe Deer but from all I could tell they make a good product and have good customer service.  

For my products I picked two lipsticks, a Carousel gloss, and the Velvetines lip stain.  The shipping wasn't the best.  They had some site complications during the sale and that made for slow ship times.  They also didn't send me out an update saying that my items had shipped.  I'm one of those girls who is always fighting with UPS or USPS over where her house is so I do like to track my things to keep them from getting lost.  In the end my box did make it but I wish that they would send out that info.  

Everything came in a cute little box and their packaging is just adorable.  
There was a lot of tissue paper.  I really appreciate a company that takes the time to pack their items well.  Nothing was broken and the packaging was not all beaten up.  

The two lipsticks I picked were Coquette and Geradium.  
Croquette is a pale peachy nude.  Almost too peachy for me.  Kind of make my lips look like I put concealer all over them.  What I do like this color for is layering.  It looks really great with a pretty pink lip gloss or to tone down a brighter color to make it a day time look.  
Geradium is an intense coral pink.  This color is so bright it's nearly fluorescent. This is exactly the kind of color that Croquette looks good paired with.  It is very bold on its own.  I like a really bright pink lip color so I'm very pleased with it.  I also like how on my lips it's more pink then coral.   
I have read that Lime Crime lipstick smells just like MAC.  I don't own any so I can't verify but I plan on doing some MAC shopping for my birthday and I will do a comparison for you.  I can say that it does smell.  Slightly like vanilla.  I found the formula to be very creamy and opaque.  I had read some reviews that complained that this lipstick took many coats to be smooth and cover your lips.  I did not have that experience.  What you're seeing is one swipe over my lips.  What I will give them is that this is a thick lipstick.  It's longwearing but can be a little drying.  It was not enough to bother me and there are a few more colors I wouldn't mind owning.  The most popular colors like Great Pink Planet are often sold out online but you can also purchase them through Urban Outfitters (strange I know) for the same price as the Lime Crime sight. 

I also got a tube of their Carousel gloss in Snowcicle.  I really, really wanted to try Candy Apple but I was afraid of it not being pigmented enough and then just looking like I was eating glitter.  
Snowcicle is a clear gloss with lots of rainbow colored, iridescent, sparkles.  It's a lot shinier in person.  I doubt that I would ever wear this as is but it is good to add a nice pop of shimmer over a lipstick.  This gloss has surprising staying power.  You will be glittery from it for a long time.  
The wand is just a tiny, little brush.  As an applicator it works well I just wish they hadn't made it clear.  You can see mine is stained pink just a bit from putting over lipstick.  I did wipe it off so I wouldn't get any in the tube but color left it's mark.  I may yet by Candy Apple.  

The last thing I got was the Velvetines lip stain in Pink Velvet.  
This is a very pigmented, bright pink stain that dries totally matte.  Once it's dry it doesn't budge.  I find it not to be as drying as a lot of stay put lipsticks and stains can be.  It actually reminds me of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in texture, but with a lot more staying power.  Be warned that if you do put a gloss over this it will rub off and it does stain.

Over all I had a good experience with Lime Crime and was happy with my products.  I'll be interested in pitting the lipsticks against the MAC ones.  MAC sells theirs for $15 (for the just plain lipsticks), verses Lime Crimes $18, and has a much bigger variety of colors and finishes.  I probably would order from them again.  

How do you feel about Lime Crime products?  Has the drama put you off buying them or are you still a futurista?    



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