Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Julep Maven Box

I'm not sure if this box is new or not but it is new to me.  I saw it pop up in my Facebook feed a few times before I checked it out.  Julep makes nail polish manly, along with other nail care related items.  The Maven box is your chance to try some of their newest colors.  You can take a style quiz and they will recommend a box for you.  Some boxes have all polish and some have two polishes and a nail care item.  One is even all beauty items.  Unlike most beauty boxes that doesn't really matter because you can see what's in the boxes ahead of time and pick the one you like the best.  You can even change the box you want every month.  Just log into your account between the 20th and the 24th and preview your box.  If you want to change it up go ahead.  You can also add extras to your box.  Maven box is $19.99.  In addition, you get first chance at their newest collections, 20% of purchases, and free shipping.

For my first box I chose the 'It Girl' box.  This box was an all polish box.  My quiz had me with the 'Bombshell' box that was two polishes and a cuticle serum.  I did want to try it but because I could see the boxes the It Girl colors called to me more.

The first thing in my box was a little extra. Some buffing blocks.

Then on to the polish.

My first color was a bright teal called Libby.

Libby is a flat, gloss finish.  The polish is a thinner consistency but it is really opaque.  You defiantly aren't going to need coat after coat of this stuff.

The next color is called Bunny.  This is a white polish with tiny flecks of gold glitter in it.  I don't feel like the glitter translates well on the nail.  The polish is thicker then Libby so to get it nice and even you need to paint thin coats and build the color.  It's really pretty in the bottle.  

My third color is called Elle. 

This is probably my favorite color that came in my box.  It's a really pretty purple/plum color with a frost finish.  The finish gives it a lot of iridescent.  

The last thing in my box was an add on that I purchased.  Another polish, also from their It Girl collection.  It was a $4 add on and since your first box you pay shipping only I said why not.  The name of this polish is Tracy.  

Tracy is a special effects finish.  It's a dusty blue color loaded with very fine silver glitter.  Because the glitter isn't chunky it goes on very smooth without being textured really.  It does take a few coats to get the full effect.  

All of these polishes retail for $14.  That's about $42 dollars for the box you only pay $19.99 for.  I got all this for right around $9 so I call that a good deal!

What do you think?  Are you into polish?  Looking for a way to try more?  


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