Friday, February 14, 2014

Lush Valentines Collection

Another holiday another lush collection!  If you love sweet scents and pretty, girly, pink things you'll love this collection.  Lush released a body wash, a bath bomb, a soap, two massage bars, and a lip balm. 

The first thing I picked up was the body wash.  It's called Prince Charming.  
Prince Charming has pomegranate juice, grapefruit oil, vanilla pod, and marshmallow root.  The pomegranted juice gives this wash a tart, refreshing scent while the vanilla and marshmallow add some sweetness.  The 500 gram bottle Iis $29.95.

The next piece of this collection I got was the Neon Love soap.

This also has pomegranate juice in it, as well as soya yogurt.  It's scented with bergamot, sustainable rosewood oil, and cinnamon.  The yogurt makes this a smooth, silky soap and it has such a lovely sweet floral scent.  3.5oz is $6.95. 

I only got one of the two massage bars.  Tender is the Night is going to be a perminate item so I was in no rush to buy it.  I did, however, try it in the store and it's so moisturizing and smells amazing! I will be picking one up sooner rather than later. The bar that I did pick up is called Close to You
Close to You is a very meltable bar.  It's made from shea butter and almond oil and just glides on and sinks in to your skin leaving behind a sweet vanilla scent.  It smells like Rock Star soap and a bit like Snow Fairy to me.  This little guy is 1.5oz and is $7.95.

The last thing I bought was the valintine bath bomb Love Locket.
This is a huge bomb!  The idea is you break it in half and use each half and the center for three baths. Of course you could toss the whole thing in!  I love that it's loaded with jasmine absolute. Smells so good.  You pay $10.95 for this 9.5oz bomb.  

So that's lush valintines.  What did you and your sweetheart do?

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